Joshua Morton

Joshua Morton- U.S. Navy Veteran

Joshua Morton is a veteran of United States Navy serving more than eight years as a Navy SEAL. Joshua became the first military working dog handler for SEAL Team Four.

He served as a SEAL operator and canine handler during five deployments in Iraq and has extensive first-hand experience on numerous missions in the successful utilization of a canine in combat. While deployed in Iraq he served as the subject matter expert in Joint Task Force combat missions with several U.S. allies and host nation commands.

Joshua Morton

Joshua has vast experience and expertise in:

  • Guiding and assisting new Combat Action Dog personnel in all aspects of canine tactics, techniques and procedures
  • Planning and coordinating logistical support for the screening and development of new canines


  • Instructed the first Naval Special Warfare Group Two Combat Action Dog course
  • Demonstrated canine advanced tactics, techniques and procedures to multiple Naval Special Warfare teams, resulting in highly trained and disciplined operators pushing Naval Special Warfare to the forefront of canine usage in Special Operations

Joshua is head trainer for the Belchertown Police Department in Massachusetts. The Windsor Heights Police Department, Polk County Sheriff's Office Patrol Canine Units in Des Moines, Iowa and contracts with the Polk County Jail in Des Moines for Jail services.

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