Single Purpose Canine

LE Single Purpose Canines offered by Canine Tactical as per request:

Narcotics/Explosive Detection

Patrol Canines

Tracking/Trailing Canines


Canine Tactical offers a three-week and six-week single-purpose canine course when a dog is purchased from Canine Tactical. 


Each 3/6 week canine course comes with a complete Handler Kit that contains: Duffle bag, nail clippers, shampoo, brush, tennis balls, handler leash, mod 3 working harness designed by Canine Tactical, custom/adjustable hip lead, 15’ tracking leash, 30’ leash, fail-safe collar, 8” tab lead, obedience chain, clean-up bags, C-IFAK, medical card, one month of food, one month heart worm, one month tick medicine and medical/training record. 


Optional Items Recommended but not included in issued Handler Kit: Electric collar device, kick bag and a custom fit ballistic harness designed by Canine Tactical.


Quote package sent per request includes: Course outline, official quote, reference list, contract outline and gear list