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Listen in as Joshua Morton is interviewed by the folks at Warrior Mindset

Canine Tactical featured on Warrior Mindset podcast

Podcast, Episode #33

Morton Method of Training

Joshua Morton's years of service as a SEAL canine handler and trainer along with the real-world experience he and his team had experienced first-hand has set the foundation for his training program today.

Podcast, Episode #35

Mil Spec Canine Cloning & The Morton Method

The one thing that is consistent with Canine Tactical is that they always work towards creating an elite working canine in there breeding program. Canine Tactical's breeding program is built on achieving a standardization of a Working Canine - a MIL-SPEC Canine.

Canine Tactical featured on Warrior Mindset podcast

Podcast, Episode #42

Active Shooter K9 ™ Intro

What is an Active Shooter K9™? Unfortunately, school shootings have become all too common. The news media and other "intellectuals" who have never shot a gun can debate as to why they do. Instead of debating, Joshua Morton for Canine Tactical took his knowledge and expertise and put it to work.

Podcast, Episode #43

Active Shooter K9

Joshua Morton from Canine Tactical and 2 police officers with extensive backgrounds in K9 handling and in active shooter environments.

Podcast Episode #49

World's First Mil-Spec Canine

This episode we discuss the first Mil-Spec puppy program in the world, tracking dogs, Joshua's thoughts on obedience training, and an update on the Active Shooter K9 ™