Iowa Permit To Carry

Iowa Permit to Carry handgun safety courses are offered at Canine Tactical by a NRA Certified Instructor. You will learn the fundamental skills necessary to safely and effectively use a handgun for your personal protection inside and outside your home.

Canine Tactical offers the NRA Basic Pistol Course. In-depth training on the seven points of performance of shooting a pistol, sight picture, sight alignment, body position, grip, breathing, trigger squeeze and follow thru. Everything you need to know about types of pistols are thoroughly covered. Range time is included. Upon completion of the course students receive a NRA Certificate of Completion which meets the handgun safety training requirements to apply for a permit to carry in the state of Iowa.

NRA Basic Pistol Course:

  • Cost: $125.00 per person
  • Length of Course: 5 hrs Classroom Instruction + Mandatory Range Time
  • Materials Required: Gear List is Distributed Upon Reserved Seat

Courses also offered:

  • Woman Only
  • Corporate Groups
  • Individual Instruction

If you own a gun, it is essential for your safety and the safety of your loved ones that you learn how to safely handle, store and use your firearm.