The Eudoris® Brand Myrmidons - Blue Squadron Actual

Eudoris Brand- Blue Squadron ™

Patent Pending

Eudoris® 3 Actual is a clone of Eudoris® Actual. Eudoris® 3 was the first litter of clones born in the United States on 5Jan2017. When he arrived at Canine Tactical at just 8 wks old he was identified as the "pick of the litter" and quickly emerged as the best-of-the-best on every level. Eudoris® 3 was chosen to be one of the first clone of a clone due to his consistency and trainability from start to finish. Eudoris® 3, at 10 months of age, joined the Carroll Police Department in Iowa and has been involved in the Canine Tactical's sustainment training program throughout his career, successfully transitioning to a working law enforcement K9 with consistent deployments.

Why Clone a Clone? Cellular Memory. Eudoris® Actual was not trained under the true form of the patent pending Morton/Method concept, as was Eudoris® 3 Actual. I want the training experiences from Eudoris® 3 Actual incorporated in the program. Can the clones of clones become even more efficient? Yes. I believe the data collected from the onset of the clone program will positively change the Working Dog Industry.