Active Shooter K9 ™

Active Shooter K9 ™

Active Shooter K9

Canine Tactical has further developed its working canine clone program to include ‘Active Shooter K9s’.  


The ‘Active Shooter K9‘ is not the average working canine or trained by your average training regiment by standard working canine trainers in the industry.  Only pups identified as a cut above the best of the elite with a specific disposition and skill set are trained as “Active Shooter K9s” using the Morton Method.  This "Patent Pending" method of training is specifically designed to focus on targeting an active shooter and neutralizing the threat; a method not utilized anywhere else in the industry.


Canine Tactical trains canines using the Morton Method from puppies to adulthood onsite at Canine Tactical, a one-of-a-kind approach for a professional trainer in the United States. The Morton Method begins with identifying the right combination of skills and traits to develop specialized ‘Active Shooter K9s’ paired with elite handlers (priority training provided to veterans with combat experience), coupled with quality training as they grow, providing the only path forward to defeat dynamic situations with on-site, real time response to the threat.  Only clones with specific ability and this advanced training can be called an ‘Active Shooter K9’.


Joshua Morton, founder and owner of Canine Tactical, is a former U.S. Navy SEAL and K9 operator.  His knowledge, skills, and experience is the foundation for success in the cloning, selection, training, and handling of ‘Active Shooter K9s’. A combination of high level skills required in the apprehension of active shooters in high risk situations involving multiple victims on site in real time.  His systematic approach of incorporating the Morton Method has propelled Canine Tactical as the industry leader, standing alone at the forefront having successfully developed a working canine into an elite ‘Active Shooter K9.’  


‘Active Shooter K9s’ are only available as part of a specially-trained, purposefully deployed team.  For more information or to secure an Active Shooter K9 for your school or business, contact Canine Tactical. 

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