Advanced Canine


NARC/Explosive Single Purpose and Multi-Purpose Advanced Courses:  Canine Tactical offers a basic three-week complete detection and multi-purpose course with a canine purchase from Canine Tactical and to established canine teams.


Agencies have opportunity to submit problem areas to be worked. Each course outline will be tailored to your Agencies needs.


Each advanced course includes a complete Handler Kit.  Contents:  Duffle bag, nail clippers, shampoo, brush, tennis balls, kong, hard muzzle, handler leash, Mod-3 working harness designed by Canine Tactical, custom/adjustable hip-lead, 15’ tracking leash, 30’ leash, fail-safe collar, 8” tab lead, obedience chain, clean-up bags, C-IFAK, medical card, one bag of dog food, one month heart worm, one month tick medicine and a medical/training record. 


Optional Items Recommended for additional fee: Electric collar device, kick bag, and a custom fit ballistic harness designed by Canine Tactical.