Active Shooter K9 ™

Active Shooter K9 ™

An Active Shooter K9 ™ Team on school premises will save lives. The minutes before law enforcement arrives on scene are crucial life-saving seconds. The ability to take immediate action can change the course of the horrific carnage caused by an active shooter on innocent victims. Seconds count ...

Utilizing an Active Shooter K9 Team to conduct routine random screenings for weapons, provide updates on the Run-Hide-Fight protocol, develop the school/business Standard Operating Procedures, and conduct active shooter training exercises to assure students and staff fully understand the procedures, increases safety.

Mere seconds will allow students/teachers/staff time to follow established protocol to stay safe while the Active Shooter K9 Team neutralizes the threat.

A professionally trained Active Shooter K9 ™ Team on-sight during school hours can be a deterrent, mitigating the risk of an active shooter. An Active Shooter K9 Team’s presence provides ‘visible safety’ reassuring students, staff, and visitors there will, within seconds, be a response to an active shooter.

The most effective deterrent is an immediate reaction to a threat. Seconds count ...

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